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Senior Scientist, Illumina Artificial Intelligence Lab

Postdoc @TjianDarzacq @UCBerkeley

PhD @ollie_rando @UMassChan

I am Tsung-Han Stanley Hsieh (also known as Stanley Hsieh), a senior scientist at Illumina Artificial Intelligence Lab. The primary focus of my research is understanding how genes are regulated and misregulated in the context of human disease. I will use a variety of next-generation sequencing (NGS) and advanced bioinformatics methods to tackle this question.

I received my postdoctoral training at UC Berkeley working with Robert Tjian and Xavier Darzacq. My research mainly focuses on the dynamics of the functional genome. In particular, I use the Micro-C technique to uncover the ultra-fine resolution of the 3D genome in mammals and yeasts and use super-resolution and single-molecule imaging approaches to understand the complex protein dynamics in live cells.


Before starting at Berkeley in the winter of 2017, I completed my Ph.D. study with Oliver Rando at UMass medical school (2012-2017). In Worcester, Ollie and I invented Micro-C and Micro-C XL techniques that enable mapping chromatin structure from the scale of single-nucleosome to the entire genome. Besides, we dissect the dynamics of chromatin marks during stress response in budding yeast.


I was born and raised in New Taipei City, Taiwan. I did my undergraduate studies in Medical Biotechnology at Chang Gung University (2003-2007) and my Master’s degree in Cancer Biology at the National Taiwan University (2007-2009). During my time at CGU, I participated in an undergraduate project in the Ann-Joy Cheng lab, mainly focusing on identifying novel genes associated with the risk of oral cancers. I completed my Master’s study with Mark Kuo at NTU, where I investigated the role of HDAC2 and HIF1a in the process of oncogenesis.


Please contact me for a detailed CV.

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